Immunoctoberfest 2022

Bridging Innovation and Translation in T cell Immunotherapy

Registration is now open!

Sept. 19-22,2022



Applications accepted until April 30th


This meting is restricted to 100 participants

440 EUR (price includes registration and catering)

Housing:90 EUR per night
The monastery church in Raitenhaslach and the prelate’s wing, completed in 1762 and now home to the TUM Science & Study Center. (Picture: Uli Benz/TUM)


World-renowned experts in T cell biology and immuno-oncology will discuss mechanisms regulating T cell differentiation in response to infection and tumors, and recent progress made in translating fundamental knowledge into immunotherapies.

A. Abbas, R. Ahmed, J. Baumbach, A. Bergthaler, P. Bertolino, D. Busch, S. Crotty, G. Delgoffe, D. Farber, S. Gottschalk, D. Green, P.C. Ho, T. Höfer, M. Iannacone, A. Kallies, P. Knolle, T. Korn, V. Kuchroo, L.F. Lu, E. Lugli, D. Masopust, I. Mellman, K. Okkenhaug, A. Oxenius, T. Paul, E. Pearce, M. Prlic, J. Ruland, F. Sallusto, W. Schamel, H. Shohei, R. Thimme, P. Thomas, R. v. Lier, J. Wherry, T. Yamamura, B. Youngblood, D. Zehn, C. Zielinski

Program of the symposium

The meeting will include 2.5 days of presentations (invited and abstract-selected speakers) along with a social program, poster discussions and a planned trip to visit the Munich Octoberfest.


The detailed program of the meeting will be coming soon.

Registration for the symposium

Symposium 2022


Deadline for registration and abstract submission is April 30th. Note that the registration and catering fee of 440 EUR (plus housing and trip fees, if applicable) is due upon acceptance of the abstract . Specific payment information will be provided along with the acceptance letter.