ImmunOctoberfest 2024

"Bridging Innovation and Translation in T cell Immunotherapy"

Pre-registration is CLOSED!
When:Sept. 22-27, 2024
Program:available here
Fee:€ 690 [includes registration, all catering (except breakfast in hotel) and shuttle buses]
DeadlineApril 17th, 2024
The monastery church in Raitenhaslach and the prelate’s wing, completed in 1762 and now home to the TUM Science & Study Center. (Picture: Uli Benz/TUM)


World-renowned experts in T cell biology and immuno-oncology will discuss mechanisms regulating T cell differentiation in response to infection and tumors, and recent progress made in translating fundamental knowledge into immunotherapies.

Ahmed, Rafi
Bergthaler, Andreas
Bollard, Catherine
Busch, Dirk
Crotty, Shane
Delgoffe, Greg
Falk, Christine
Farber, Donna
Gebhardt, Thomas
Goldrath, Ananda
Gottschalk, Stephen
Green, Douglas

Harty, John
Ho, Ping-Chih
Höfer, Thomas
Hogquist, Kris
Hori, Shohei
Huber, Magdalena
Iannacone, Matteo
Jameson, Steve
Jellusova, Julia
Kaech, Sue
Kallies, Axel
Knolle, Percy

Korn, Thomas
Kuchroo, Vijay
La Gruta, Nicole
Lugli, Enrico
Masopust, David
Mellman, Ira
Oxenius, Annette
Pearce, Erika
Prlic, Martin
Ruland, Jürgen
Schietinger, Andrea
Schoenberger, Stephen

Schwartzberg, Pam
Setoguchi, Ruka
Sharpe, Arlene
Sun, Joe
Thimme, Robert
Turner, Steven
Umana, Pablo
Wherry, John
Youngblood, Ben
Zebley, Caitlin
Zehn, Dietmar
Zielinski, Christina


A pre-reservation will be made for all participants in a local hotel. The information will be provided following formal acceptance to the meeting. The price will be about € 90 per night and is not included in the registration fee.


In case you have any questions or need information about the meeting, please check first the list of frequently asked questions here